Roxy is a freelance artist from Spain who has been working as a full time illustrator since 2019, but drawing since she was a little girl.

Life didn't make it easy for her to study art and instead she had to study Software Engineering so she couldn't draw for around 8 years of her life. But things turned to her favor once she got a job in the Software Development industry getting a full time job in a company where she was able to work remotely. Thanks to this job she had more time again to get back to her passion: art.

That's how she started drawing again and managed to finally get the job of her dreams as a full time illustrator!


Other studies



2018 - Technology Campus for Girls I ··· 2019 - Technology Campus for Girls II 

I was a mentor at the Girls Campus organized by the University from Almería where I studies Software Engineering. My job was to show the girls how science was awesome and it was definetly not for boys only. We did fun activities and experiments, my favourite being a video game created in Godot where the girls had to program it and even design and draw the game's art!

Awards and honors!

I won a little award and was invited to a very important conference as a Business Woman who stood out during the lockdown and managed to keep my business as a freelance artist afloat.

I was also invited to participate in a NETWORKING activity where I was connected through ZOOM with other entrepreneurs to debate about the things we do about our businesses, innovation and more, learning from each other and meeting new people who share our passions.